Where There's A Wizard There's A Way!

Green Wizard Tire Recycling offers our clients a true 360 recycling option to the complicated problem of tire disposal

We separate the 3 basic components;

  • The rubber is processed to crumb rubber for use in the manufacture of new rubber goods

  • The steel is processed and then sent to the mill to become new steel items

  • The fiber is recycled to make new nylon products.

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Unlike the majority of the tire recycling industry we process our tires to separate the components to allow for the reuse of the end of life tire. 

Our approach prevents these tires from ending up in a landfill, the truth is that they don't decompose. 

The other alternative is for these tires to be burned in coal fired power plants which
also has complications due to emissions.

With over 330 million used tires being generated each year in the US, this is no small problem!